New Business Manager Stockholm

Our Stockholm office have gotten a new great addition. A couple of weeks ago Ferhat Can started working as a Business Area Manager and will work alongside Christopher Wärnelöv.
What have you done before:
–       Previously, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a Business Area Manager at Sigma. During my time there, I had the privilege of leading strategic planning and the execution of business strategies. I was responsible for supporting and coaching our outstanding team, managing our project portfolio, and ensuring that we achieved our common goals. Together, we built strong customer relationships and fostered an environment that encouraged innovation and growth.

What will you do in your role:
–       In my new role as a Business Manager at Conmore, my primary goal is to create and lead a high-performing engineering team. I will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic plan aimed at strengthening and expanding our engineering operations. This includes identifying new business opportunities, expanding our customer base, and ensuring that our engineering services meet the highest quality standards and industry requirements.

–       I’m truly looking forward to working alongside a dedicated team, fostering collaboration and innovation within our organization, and ensuring that Conmore continues to be a reliable and successful player in the engineering industry.

Expectations for your role:
–       My expectations for my role as a Business Manager is to have the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful impact on Conmore. I strive to build an engineering team known for its expertise, dedication, and ability to deliver excellent results to our valued customers. My hope is to be a valuable contributor to the company’s growth and success, contributing to increased profitability and strengthening our position in the market. Additionally, I look forward to collaborating closely with the company’s leadership and other stakeholders to shape the company’s future and create a work environment where our engineers can thrive and continue to grow.

A warm welcome to Conmore Ferhat!