New Business Manager Gothenburg

We are excited to announce that Furat Miran has joined Conmore as a Business Manager in electronics and software! He is born and raised in the Swedish tech-city Linköping but is currently living in Gothenburg. He has experience from the automotive business, and has worked with vision and radar, project management, change management and group leader for project managers.

What are you going to do in your new role?
– In my role as a Business Manager I will recruit and lead consultants in embedded – electronics and software development.

What is your expectations of your new role?
That it will be a lot of fun! Learn more about the consulting industry and contribute to Conmores growth by attracting talented people!

Any other things you would like to say?
Feel free to have a coffee or a lunch to talk about most things. I’m happy to join in on a training session too, so just give me a shout!

Warm welcome to Conmore Furat!