Conmore Trip 2022

Finally it’s time for a Conmore-trip and the destination is Iceland.

The trip is set to Friday 20 – Monday 23 May

More practical information regarding flight times etc. will be sent out after you have signed up.

So book your calender for a fun, teambuilding and exploring trip!

Last day to register is the 10th of January.

Some information about Iceland
In Iceland you will find a varied, dramatic and untouched nature with glaciers, hot springs and mighty waterfalls, which make the trip a unique experience with memories for life. The exotic nature offers many opportunities for relaxation and exciting activities. Swim in hot springs, experience Iceland from the horseback on the powerful Icelandic horse or find your own way to explore the country and its sights by car. The capital Reykjavik is bubbling with energy and there is a rich and exciting mix of good restaurants, shopping and cultural events. In addition, the entertainment scene is talked about – the night never seems to end in Reykjavik and there are countless options for entertainment-hungry visitors.

For your information:  Flight, transfer, hotel, breakfast, an excursion and a mutual dinner is included in the trip. As it has been before, the working time (16 hours) on the trip (Friday the 20th and Monday the 23rd) you will  take from the time bank or as vacation.

Since there have been late cancellations in previous years which entailed unnecessary costs for Conmore, the following applies:

  • Any cancellation made 35 days before is free of charge.
  • Cancellation made 34-15 days before; 8 hours deduction from your comp bank.
  • Cancellation made 15 days, or less, before; 16 hours deduction from your comp bank.
  • Of course you can cancel if you have valid reasons.