To ensure that we practice what we preach, our operation is founded on four values, each of which we have assigned a color. The warm red symbolizes Care, the dark gray Collaboration, the pleasant yellow-green Security, and the clear white Responsibility. These four colors form the basis of everything we do: our assignments, as well as our relations with customers and employees.

We care about the person. A team is only as strong as its weakest link – when the staff and clients are happy, the team is happy. Care is an absolute requirement if we are to deliver innovative technical solutions together. We value a person’s qualities so we can continuously develop as people. We show joy and set good examples so as to encourage others.

Responsibility (Long-term approach)
We want to take responsibility. Everyone should know what they’re worth, how important they are, and feel a sense of security. Underpinned by security, clients and employees should feel trust based on long-term thinking.

We want our employees and clients to feel secure. With permanent employment, fixed salaries and social responsibility, we foster a long-term relationship. We work for the individual’s best, striving to assure our employees’ well-being and ensure that they develop.

Collaboration (Quality)
We want to collaborate. The essence of the Conmore Technical Team Spirit is that, together with the client, we are part of a community – a team. We work together, but the individual is at least as important as the team. Our focus on our unique collaboration enables us to reach our set goals through short decision paths.