Conmore offers a full range of services, in a scalable format.

Conmore offers test automation support in a unique way. We go much farther than simply writing automated test scripts;

we also show you how to make test automation part of your own daily routine. This way, after the consultancy assignment ends, you don’t end up with automated test scripts that nobody in your company can use. Once test automation is a natural part of your operation, you no longer need to bring in external resources to make modifications.

Test automation – in depth
We also go well beyond just using GUI tests – we can dig much deeper into the software, the result being more stable and efficient tests. Conmore has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Test automation for everyone
Working long-term on test automation has far more of an impact on your company than just the engineers, even though they’re the ones doing most of the work. For instance, other personnel may need to be informed about how best to support the engineers. Your department might suddenly receive more valuable information from the engineers, but how should that information be interpreted? We take a holistic approach, and we speak the right language to include all relevant roles – not just the engineers.

A format to suit you
Conmore offers a full range of test automation, in a scalable format. Every company has different needs. Whether you’ve already been using test automation for a number of years, or are completely new to it, together we pick the modules that are suitable for you and are most likely to improve your business. We can perform a QuickScan to analyze in what way we can help you. The scan is free of charge, and also offer a free introduction course in test automation. This provides a taster of our expertise, and you get a feeling of what to expect before signing a contract or planning a budget.

Put us to the test
Whatever your test automation experience, whatever your working area or business, Conmore is your best partner in test automation. Contact us for a free QuickScan and a free introduction course, and discover how Conmore can improve your business.


We are always looking for talented consultants within our fields. Apply today and be a part of our wonderful team spirit.