One consultant from Conmore is helping to develop the software for future cars.



Conmore has a consultant at Zenuity, which is a joint venture between Volvo and Autoliv. Zenuity’s mission is to develop and optimize the software for driver assistance systems and self-driving systems. Even though the company has just been active for slightly less than a year they have a lot of very experienced engineers. The project our consultant is working on is called DriveMe and it’s about autonomous driving. In this, as in other projects, Zenuity strives to use Agile software development methodologies.


The assignment was initially for a software tester in a cross-functional feature development team, but as the project developed, the consultant’s responsibilities grew. Currently our consultant besides still being a software tester, is also a Scrum Master for a development team. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, continuous improvement in work process according to Agile practices on the way towards self-empowered team and protecting the team from disturbances. Our consultant is also making sure that they have good environment for development and coaching the team and organization in the ways of Agile, particularly Scrum methodology of software development.


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