Conmore and Mitsubishi Electric have run a joint trainee programme for three years to help graduate engineers develop into fully fledged consultants. It is a win-win situation for both parties, but the biggest winners are the new consultants, who get on-the-job experience in a real work environment.


– Resource consultants
– Mechanics consultant at Volvo
– Trainee programme for new consultants

The new consultants employed by Conmore have the necessary theoretical knowledge, but they have not worked in the field and so do not have the working life experience that many clients demand. Their placement at Mitsubishi Electric gives them a few months of practical experience, putting their academic theory into practice as engineers and consultants.

Trust bolsters unique collaboration

Mitsubishi Electric’s Gothenburg operation is focused on development and project management in the automotive industry. Areas of operation include infotainment, primarily for Volvo Cars, but also conventional car electronics. Conmore and Mitsubishi Electric have been working together for around 15 years. There are currently electronics engineers from Conmore working at Mitsubishi as resource consultants, and a Conmore consultant working at Volvo on behalf of Mitsubishi. The many years of collaboration have built up a firm sense of trust and security between the companies.

– Our collaboration is unique. I’ve tried to convince other consultancy firms of the advantages of this approach, but only Conmore has got on board and seen the benefits. We both consider it a win-win situation, says Jan Billig, General Manager at Mitsubishi Electric.

Preparing young people for working life

However, not only Conmore and Mitsubishi Electric gain from the scheme: the new consultants do too as it prepares them for real working life. Without working life experience, it is hard for young engineers to get consultancy assignments fresh out of university.

– What they get with us is automotive education that’s unique to Gothenburg, and things you simply can’t learn in a lecture hall. Also how electrics and electronics work in cars, as that’s quite a unique environment. For example, a computer is a relatively reliable environment, while in a car there are shifts between hot and cold. Even so, the important thing is that they learn to do independently what was probably taught in a more structured and pre-planned way at university, Jan Billig explains.

Extra resources for supervisors

The project has been under way for about three years, with a new trainee every six months. Over the years, six new consultants have been given this opportunity. It does require extra resources from Mitsubishi Electric as the trainee needs a supervisor and mentor, but it’s worth it.

– It’s gone extremely well both for us and Conmore, and the people who have taken part. The people who come to us have already passed Conmore’s selection process – they don’t employ just anybody – and the young people often bring new energy and enthusiasm with them. Of course you never learn everything there is to know, but everyone who’s been with us has become a fully fledged consultant. Almost two-thirds of the trainees still have assignments with us, and we’re happy to carry on with this highly successful approach in future, Jan Billig of Mitsubishi Electric concludes.

Assignments include:
– Mechanical design
– CAD (CAtia V5)
– Verification testing
– Fault analysis
– Field testing
– CANalyzer
– CANoe
– Volvo-specific tools

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