A team is only as strong as its weakest link – when the staff and clients are happy, the team is happy. Our personnel take on extensive personal responsibility, and always feel genuinely supported by management in their day-to-day work. Gender or origin is of no concern, it’s technical know-how and personal dedication that matter.

Our personnel should enjoy and feel secure in their jobs, and should feel motivated and able to develop in their assignments. We assure this partly by offering technically challenging tasks, and also by arranging a range of activities and events both inside and outside of work that enhance the social connections between colleagues. The development and harmony of the individual is directly linked to Conmore’s continued success.

Checklist for Conmorites:

  • Everyone should feel satisfied with their duties and assignments.
  • Everyone works consciously for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Everyone should feel the management’s support in their day-to-day work.
  • Everyone should feel a sense of belonging and community with their colleagues.
  • Everyone is familiar with and understands the company’s goals, and strives to ensure they are achieved.
  • Everyone should be aware of their value and importance, and should take personal responsibility.
  • No one should risk ill health in their work for Conmore.

With in-house competence and well-educated personnel, who mainly work with the customer to ensure close contact and in-depth knowledge of the customer’s needs, Conmore AB shall offer consultation in technical design, testing and technical project management for the industry and its system suppliers and subcontractors.

OUR VISION – a human focus in a technical world
We aim to be a strong, developmental partner to our customers. Employees should feel proud to work for Conmore, and we aim to be the preferred choice on the market. Through continuous improvement, we ensure a career that’s sustainable in the long term.