The management is always listening and do their best for the employees to thrive and feel good.

We at Conmore are trying to keep the unity among the employees through regular activities like breakfasts, after works etc. All the employees have development talks and reconciliations to build a connection to their manager.

Tobias Vickhoff has been working at Conmore for 11 years and says this: I think that Conmore has a very good unity among the employees. The managers are responsive and do their besto for us to thrive and feel good. Conmore puts in an extra for us to have a close relationship to our managers which I think is important.

I am on an assignment that I like very much. I feel secure that Conmore gives me the support that I require to do the best possible job. If I would get tired of the assignment or if something unpredictable would happen I am sure they will find me an assignment that I would like.

Tobias Vickhoff, Design Engineer