I have experience from other consultancies, and I think that Conmore has a unique team spirit and sense of community among its employees.


The managers feel great social responsibility for their employees, that we spend time together and cultivate a team spirit. There’s a great atmosphere here at Conmore. The company actively strives to build team spirit, and the consideration shown by the management for its employees is very special.

Technical Team Spirit isn’t just a cool motto, it’s something the company takes a responsibility for living up to. They take real care in matching the right project to the right person, and in coaching employees through training and courses so that they develop in the right direction. They also take the time to listen to the individual; they care and want you to be happy.

Working at Conmore enriches your experience and opens up a wide network of contacts. They are very well respected, particularly at Volvo who are a long-term client.

Oskar Ewehag, Design engineer