Whatever you’re like as a person or what your areas of expertise are, Conmore will find a project that fits you and your ambitions. That’s an amazing strength in a company.


We also have a great mixture of people at Conmore in terms of nationality, gender, age and lifestyle, for example, all with incredible expertise in their specialist areas. this makes the whole tremendously strong. It’s the parts that make the whole.

For me it’s important to feel secure at a workplace, that the management see the person and the individual. We all have different needs, and I think the management handle this positively. They’re receptive and focus on what I’m striving for and my goals when I’m looking for a new project or want to discuss something.

As employees we do a lot together. We have many different activities planned throughout the year, which is great for building team spirit. We’re a good team.

Anna Lindgren, Design engineer