To ensure that we practice what we preach, our operation is founded on four values, each of which we have assigned a color. The warm red symbolizes Care, the dark gray Collaboration, the pleasant yellow-green Security, and the clear white Responsibility. These four colors form the basis of everything we do: our assignments, as well as our relations with customers and employees.


A team is only as strong as its weakest link – when the staff and clients are happy, the team is happy. Our personnel take on extensive personal responsibility, and always feel genuinely supported by management in their day-to-day work. Gender or origin is of no concern, it’s technical know-how and personal dedication that matter.


With our constant focus on the environment we want to support a lasting development towards an ecologically sustainable society, protect the environment and to prevent pollution. We’re continually working to improve our total business in the environment sector, from purchasing to waste handling and business travel.