Environmental policy

With our constant focus on the environment we want to support a lasting development towards an ecologically sustainable society, protect the environment and to prevent pollution. We’re continually working to improve our total business in the environment sector, from purchasing to waste handling and business travel. This work builds on our environment monitoring system. Another important part of our environmental efforts is following or, preferably, exceeding legal and other requirements. We will also follow developments to be able to use new technologies in order to, for example, minimize emissions from our transports.

Being a consultancy, our environmental efforts should not be limited to our own offices, but we ought also to try to influence our clients to work towards a sustainable society.

Quality policy

We try to achieve:

  • Full knowledge of our clients’ requirements, and to fulfill these needs better than our competitors.
  • That our customers always have complete confidence in us.
  • That every assignment becomes a recommendation for upcoming business.
  • Because of this, all activities must follow established guidelines. Practices and system efficiency must be followed up.
  • Quality management aims at zero defects through a continuous effort to make yearly improvements, which are to be formulated, disseminated, and followed up.