"You really feel involved in the development of the company."

What do you enjoy most about Conmore?

– There are both big and small things. You notice that the company tries to protect all individuals. You care. Conmore has changed a lot in the ten years I have been employed here. You always have a quest to get better.

You are involved and influence a lot yourself!

– Being able to feel responsible and be able to make your own decisions when it comes to choosing assignments is also a factor that affects one’s well-being. Conmore takes this very seriously, which is a strength of the company. Then you should not complain about a good salary and salary development and the good benefits we have.

”A secure, committed employer during the pandemic”

Conmore emerged as the winner

– Conmore has really done its utmost to make us feel safe during the pandemic. Of course, we all needed to adapt based on the situation, but overall, Conmore came out as a winner. It makes me proud to work here!

Neda Johansson, Scrum Master