"You are supported one hundred percent, both by colleagues and management."

Good cohesion and security!

– The good thing about Conmore is that the company cares about good cohesion and security. At Conmore, you get the feeling that you are supported one hundred percent, both by colleagues and the management.

Everyone is involved and influences

– You are heard and have good opportunities to be involved and influence the company’s development. This creates a feeling that you have a good sense of belonging, as if you are a cog in a machine.

”Conmore really cares about employees’ personal and professional development”

Family corporate culture!

– What I think makes Conmore unique is its special corporate culture. At Conmore, it feels familiar and the management cares that you feel comfortable and part of the company.

– Conmore really cares about the employees’ personal and professional development! As an employee, you have access to many good benefits. In addition, there are good opportunities for further education to broaden their knowledge!

Jenny Karlsson, Data engineer