Personnel Policy

It is important for us that each employee feels involved and as a part of our team – even when you are on longer assignments with one of our customers. That is the goal of our personnel policy. When our employees feel well, the company feels well – and then we’ll have satisfied customers.

Personal engagement


Safe & Social

Our employees have their own responsibility but must always feel the management’s support in their daily work. Gender or culture does not matter. The technical knowledge and the personal commitment are what’s important.

Our employees must be able to feel secure and comfortable with their work, receive stimulation and develop in their assignments. We achieve this partly through interesting assignments and partly through various activities both inside and outside work that strengthen the social ties between colleagues. The individual’s development and harmony are linked directly to Conmore’s continued success.

Checklist for Conmorees:

  • Everyone should feel satisfied with their tasks and assignments.
  • Everyone should consciously work for more satisfied clients.
  • Everyone should feel the managements support in their daily work.
  • Everyone should feel connection to their colleagues and belonging to Conmore.
  • Everyone should know and understand the company’s goals and work towards them.
  • Everyone should know their own value and importance and take own responsibility.
  • No one should risk their own health by working at Conmore.