Female engineers at Conmore (KICO)

To us, equality is a given. A challenge today is to get more women to choose the tech and engineering industry. We want to be a part of that change!

Inpiration & new role models

What is KICO?

We hope to be able to create security for our employees and be a role model in the engineering industry through our female network “Female Engineers at Conmore” (KICO). KICO is a network where we inspire, share experiences and act as role models for each other.

What do we do?

The network KICO gather three times a year. The events consist of lunches, inspiring lectures and workshops. Do you want to know more about KICO? Do not hesitate to contact any of our colleagues. For Stockholm you can contact Fredrika Andreasson at fredrika.andreasson@conmore.se, Gothenburg: Saja Mouishi at saja.mouishi@conmore.se, and for the office you can contact Jessika Warvne at jessika.warvne@conmore.se.