How is it being a client at Conmore?

As our client, you will notice that we are easy to work with. Our strength is our entrepreneurial, fast-paced attitude and our ability to find the right skills for your specific need. We want you to experience us as an adaptable, competent, development department – ready when you need us.


Access to technical expertise

Among our employees there is hard-to-beat technical competence and a consistent feeling of “we’ll solve it”. As a client, you will notice this. We make sure that you always get the skills required to make your project successful.

Committed project management

If there is one thing we have learned during our many assignments, it is the importance of project management. We therefore dare to say that Conmore has some of the market’s best and most experienced project managers. This provides you with security that your projects are carried out on time, to the agreed budget and with the results that you set up.

Quality-assured service

Conmore works based on proven processes and routines to deliver a consistently high quality in projects we are involved in. We follow up and make changes when necessary and work agile to quickly and easily adjust if your needs change. Our stringent management system for quality and the environment sets the framework.

Our client idea

Our client idea is simple; we want satisfied clients who receive a high-level service by working with us. We have summarized how we get there in four points.

Consideration of each client relationship

Conmore has extensive experience of working with both large and small companies. Some projects involve dozens of Conmorees, others one or a couple. We always work long-term and put the relationship first – regardless of the size of the project.


Conmore is sometimes called the safe consultancy company. The reason why is that we offer a secure and long-term workplace for our employees. For you as a customer, this means that you receive a long-term, secure partner who delivers the results you want to achieve.

Close collaboration

All successful projects are based on an understanding of both the business and technical challenges during the project. With Conmore, you get an experienced, knowledgeable project manager who continuously understand your needs.

Passion for engineering

We are engineering consultants – in heart and soul. Within our employees you receive a creative and committed team member with great interest in technology and innovation.