Get to know Conmore!

We are the engineering consulting company that is extra passionate about innovation and product development. In our many exciting projects, we help with mechanical design, project management, electronics and software development.

Conmore in brief

Conmore was founded in 1991 by Anders Svensson and Joakim Olsson. The company’s focus has always been to offer market-leading consulting services with great technical quality. Today, Conmore works as a development partner for a number of global companies. The company’s head office is located in Mölndal and it also has an office in Vasagatan in Stockholm. In total, Conmore consists of about 140 employees.

Our business concept

Conmore AB shall, by its own competence and well-trained staff, who mostly work with the clients to retrieve a close contact and broad knowledge of the client’s needs, offer consultations in design, testing and technical project management to the industry and its system and subcontractors.

Our vision

We must be a strong and developing partner for our clients. Our employees should feel proud to work at Conmore and we should be the natural choice in the industry. Through continuous improvements, we ensure a long-term, sustainable work life.

We drive innovations forward

As simple as that. And, of course, difficult. Because innovation is a complex matter. During our 30 years as a development partner for large international companies, we have learned a lot. That journey continues, with every new assignment.

Passion for engineering!

The basis of our offer is our passion for product development. Together with our clients, our employees solve complex and technical challenges and shape new technical solutions. Every day.

30 years of experience

Conmore has over 30 years of experience in product development. Therefore, hiring us means taking part in our acquired competence and understanding of complex technical solutions and projects.


We are an entrepreneurial company. Entrepreneurship and the solution-oriented attitude makes us easy to deal with and makes us think twice in our assignments.

Sustainable solutions, sustainable employees

At Conmore, project managers, software developers, mechanical engineers, testers and electronics engineers work together. We are all driven to find the next exciting solution. Our combined experience and personal commitment give our clients an unbeatable partner for their product development.

”The project management showed an enormous willingness to do a great job on our behalf. They wanted to be proud to have been able to provide good deliveries. Not only do the work they’ve been paid for but put in a little extra effort to do the best job they can.”

Mikael Edvardsson, Volvo Cars