Digital AW

The 25:th of February it’s time for a digital AW.!

Due to restrictions and current situation we have decided to have a digital afterwork in February. The event will take place over Zoom and the link will be sent to you the same week as the AW.

Time: 16:20, starting with mingle before we start up a game. 16.40 is the start signal for the game – we will be playing a game where we are divided into smaller groups and are challenged with different tasks and questions. A fun way to interact with your colleagues at Conmore while ending the work week.

Afterwork requires some good snacks and drinks which Conmore will provide. Before the event you will get a goodiebag and drinks – we will let you know how and when this will be given out later.

Hope to see you there!

Last day to sign up is the 18th of February.

    Your drink

    Conmore-beer + bubbelRed wineWhite wineNon-alcoholic