The project has been ongoing since 2005 and employees 14 consultants.


Conmore is responsible for packing, geometry and function assurance for components in all new car projects and facelifts for Volvo Cars. Every component in a car fulfils a unique function. For example sensors which detect when an airbag needs to be released, and the infotainment system with components such as radio, amplifier, loudspeakers and navigation system.

Conmore develops the mechanical interface for all electrical components, both internal and external. In total this involves around 400 components.


Packing and mechanical interface

All electrical components come under Conmore’s responsibility. This includes ensuring that the components are fitted correctly in the car in relation to other interfaces, such as the door panel and bodywork for instance, ensuring they are the correct size and that they do not conflict with other components. Conmore is responsible for ensuring the components function mechanically, and for managing the entire line operation encompassing mechanics and packing.


A successful collaboration

As a department manager at Volvo Cars, Mikael Edvardsson was responsible for the procurement when Conmore won the contract in 2005. At the beginning of the project, the department was purely an electrical department. Internal expertise focused on the field of electrical engineering, and mechanics and geometry were outsourced – and the assignment was awarded to Conmore Ingenjörsbyrå.
– Conmore has demonstrated first-class project management, an ability always to offer expertise regardless of employee, and has contributed to the vital dialogue between us. All this jointly has made our collaboration a success. It has not only been a business arrangement, there has been something more to it, says Mikael.



Respectful attitude

Conmore’s team spirit and its all-encompassing attitude of looking after both employees and clients has shone through during the collaboration with Volvo Cars, according to Mikael:
– They have approached the assignment with a respectful attitude. One may possess expertise, but every new assignment is a new relationship, with new individuals and a new way of working together. They have been excellent at adapting to the situation in the assignment. They’ve been good at listening to what we needed in certain situations.

Mikael emphasises the importance of an unofficial dialogue alongside the official one, with the aim of gaining a mutual understanding and finding compromises in the collaboration.
– Conmore has always been open with us. This is partly to do with personality, but also an insight into how important open communication is in making a collaboration work. In many cases an unofficial dialogue can be more important than the official one.

– The project management team has demonstrated a tremendous desire to do good work for us. They wanted to be proud of a good delivery, not just say this is what you’ve bought, so this is what you get. They have gone the extra mile, explains Mikael.

The assignment includes:
Project management
Packing and geometry assurance
Supplier contacts
Mechanical construction
Plastic, sheet metal and castings
FEM analyses
Drawing production

Scope: 400 components
CAD tool: CatiaV5
PDM system: TeamCenter

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