Our business is based on four cornerstone values. The warm red color represents care and attention, the solid grey collaboration, the pleasant yellow-green security, and the clear white stands for responsibility.

This forms the basis for our customer relations, assignments, and employee relations. For more than 25 years we’ve worked with project management, design,testing, and quality with focus on product development. Today, we employ more than 120 people and have a turnover of more than SEK 80 million. A strong focus on challenging projects within the automotive industry means you need skilled engineers in the mechanical, electronical, software as well as testing areas. Electrics and infotainment is a technically intensive area with big technological steps, generating interesting and complex assignments. Here, we handle total assignments, from pre-studies to work at the customer’s site. Conmore is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Sellihca.


Conmore’s history began in a small scale in 1991 and today, the nucleus is still that same solid mentality and unique team spirit. The owners, Joakim Olsson and Anders Svensson, are our technical coaches, leading our way forward in the premier division.

We’re convinced that joint leadership is the leadership of the future, without pretensions and with critical reflection between the leaders. Sharing the leading positions in the company is good for both the organization and the employees, bringing courage, joy and strength as positive effects.

With different perspectives in forward planning and decision making both we and the business attain measurably positive results.

Conmore is part-owner of NetGroup Engineering AB. Netgroup Engineering AB was founded in 1999 by a number of established technical consultancies to strengthen their position in relation to the automotive industry by way of a joint company. Requirements from the automotive industry are, for example, that you should be able to take on larger projects and provide deep and broad insights within vehicle technology.


If the staff and the clients are in shape, the team is in shape. Our employees shall always be given great responsibility and feel they have the full support of the management in their daily work. Gender or origin is of no concern, it’s technical knowledge and personal engagement that matters.

Care (HR policy)
We care about the person. A team is only as strong as its weakest link – when the staff and clients are happy, the team is happy. Care is an absolute requirement if we are to deliver innovative technical solutions together. We show humility. Humility breeds respect, so we always show regard and esteem to others. This means that we value a person’s qualities so we can continuously develop as people. We show joy and set good examples so as to encourage others.

Responsibility (Long-term approach)
We want to take responsibility. Everyone should know what they’re worth, how important they are, and feel a sense of security. Underpinned by security, clients and employees should feel trust based on long-term thinking.

We want our employees and clients to feel secure. With permanent employment, fixed salaries and social responsibility, we foster a long-term relationship. We work for the individual’s best, striving to assure our employees’ well-being and ensure that they develop.

Collaboration (Quality)
We want to collaborate. The essence of the Conmore Technical Team Spirit is that, together with the client, we are part of a community – a team. We work together, but the individual is at least as important as the team. Our focus on our unique collaboration enables us to reach our set goals through short decision paths.


What’s it like working at conmore? Employees at Conmore – Conmorites – talk about technical team spirit in practice, the security of a permanent position in a consulting company, and the benefits of shared leadership.

Read what Sophie, Anna, Mohammad and Oskar have to say about their experience at Conmore:


Whatever you’re like as a person or what your areas of expertise are, Conmore will find a project that fits you and your ambitions. That’s an amazing strength in a company.



I have experience from other consultancies, and I think that Conmore has a unique team spirit and sense of community among its employees.



Support and security are tremendously important at a workplace. I certainly feel secure and have the management’s support in my work. The support i get gives me the courage to do more and therefore i develop faster.



We have a great sense of community and do a lot of things together. That community spirit is important to my enjoyment at a company, particularly a consultancy where we’re rarely all in one place.



A team isn’t stronger than its weakest link – if the staff and the clients are in shape, the team is in shape. Our employees shall always be given great responsibility and feel they have the full support of the management in their daily work. Gender or origin is of no concern, it’s technical knowledge and personal engagement that matters.

Our employees shall always feel secure and comfortable in their work, be stimulated and develop with their assignments. This is attained partly through technically stimulating tasks and partly by way of various relation-building activities both inside and outside of work. How the individual develops and finds harmony has a direct bearing on Conmore’s continued success.

Our HR vision:

  • Everyone should find satisfaction in their task and assignments.
  • Everyone should consciously strive to increase client satisfaction.
  • Everyone should feel they have support from the management in their daily work.
  • Everyone should feel togetherness and community with their colleagues.
  • Everyone knows and understands the company’s goals and strives to reach them.
  • Everyone should know what they’re worth, how important they are, and take responsibility.
  • No one will have to endanger their health because of their work at Conmore.

Conmore shall with its own competences and well educated personnel, work together with the customers in order to get a close relationship and broad knowledge about the customer’s needs, offer consultations within design, verification and technical project management to the industry and its systems – and suppliers.

VISION – A human focus in a technical world
To be a strong and developing partner to our customers. The employees shall be able to be proud about working for Conmore, and we should be the obvious choice of employer. Through continuous improvements, we ensure a long term and sustainable career.


Environmental policy

With our constant focus on the environment we want to support a lasting development towards an ecologically sustainable society. We’re continually working to improve our total business in the environment sector, from purchasing to waste handling and business travel. This work builds on our environment monitoring system. Another important part of our environmental efforts is following or, preferably, exceeding legal and other requirements. We will also follow developments to be able to use new technologies in order to, for example, minimize emissions from our transports.

Being a consultancy, our environmental efforts should not be limited to our own offices, but we ought also to try to influence our clients to work towards a sustainable society.

Quality policy

We try to achieve:

  • Full knowledge of our clients’ requirements, and to fulfill these needs better than our competitors.
  • That our customers always have complete confidence in us.
  • That every assignment becomes a recommendation for upcoming business.
  • Because of this, all activities must follow established guidelines. Practices and system efficiency must be followed up.
  • Quality management aims at zero defects through a continuous effort to make yearly improvements, which are to be formulated, disseminated, and followed up.