We believe in teamwork, but a team is only ever as strong as its weakest link. When the personnel and clients are happy, the whole team is happy – and we think that’s something worth investing in.

Consequently, we always take a long-term view of everyone we work with. We pay attention to the individual, and take care to ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging. Salary is always based on education, qualifications and experience. All of our consultants are permanent employees, and at Conmore you receive full salary even when not out on assignment. We invest in our employees and their well-being, which is why we offer Sweden’s best employee benefits among small and medium-sized companies.

At Conmore, everyone has excellent opportunities to develop. We make sure that our personnel have stimulating, developmental assignments, and we help you to take new steps forward in your career. To maintain and enhance our unique team spirit – Technical Team Spirit – we arrange many in-house activities and events that strengthen the sense of community between colleagues.

Sound like something for you? Welcome to the family!


What’s it like working at Conmore?

Here, some of Conmore’s employees – Conmorites – talk about Technical Team Spirit in practice, the security of a permanent position in a consulting company, the benefits of shared leadership, and much more.

Read what Sophie, Anna, Mohammad and Oskar have to say about their experience of Conmore.